EU bodies overuse their political powers, harm EU integration - FM

Albert Zawada/PAP

The Polish foreign minister said that the political and legal activism of European Union bodies will extend their powers beyond the framework of primary EU law, and will damage the European integration process.

In an interview with the Polish Diplomatic Review quarterly journal, Zbigniew Rau referred to the rule of law dispute linking the payout of funds to member states' observance of the rule of law. He also mentioned the EC Vice President Vera Jourova's statement in which she announced consequences for Poland and Hungary for not observing these rules.

The foreign minister added he did not like "such political eristics". In his opinion, the matter concerns European funds, and also Polish funds, which are generated not only from contributions from member states, but also through their open markets.

"However, I think that we are dealing here with something deeper. The political and legal activism of the bodies of the European Union, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice is a fact. This aims to extend their powers beyond the framework of primary laws of the European Union, that is, treaties," Rau said.

In his opinion, this is a "transgression" of the European integration process, which should be eradicated by the governments of EU member states at the political level, through the European Court of Justice and constitutional tribunals of individual states, which, as he said, are allowed to control the activities of EU bodies.

Rau went on to claim that in the event of the violation of powers, Poland will respond appropriately with political methods and following a legal route. "I would prefer all of us in the EU to focus on avoiding such situations. We will certainly talk about it with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and encourage her commissioners to share this approach," he added.