Ericsson to cooperate with Łódź special economic zone on 5G

Ericsson, in cooperation with the Łódź Special Economic Zone and Spark Startup, will support SMEs working on 5G-based solutions under a letter of intent signed in Łódź (central Poland) on Tuesday.

Łódź is the city where 5G will be launched as a pilot project.

The next generation telecom networks (5G) will hit the market by 2020. Beyond speed improvements, 5G is expected to unleash a massive IoT ecosystem where networks can serve the communication needs of billions of connected devices, with the right balance between speed, latency and cost.

Ericsson and the Łódź zone plan trainings designed "to raise consciousness and to provide a direction of innovative solutions."

According to Ericsson's CEO in Poland Martin Mellor, entrepreneurship support, with special emphasis on 5G-based projects, will help develop local business and innovative services as well as accelerate the city's digital transformation.

Mellor stressed that Ericsson's R&D centre in Łódź employed 1,000 engineers. "This is also a concrete dimension of the company's commitment to the city's development," he added.

Marek Michalik, the Łódź zone CEO, declared that a new chapter in the zone's activity was being opened up as owing to 5G technology, the zone could be more competitive and more attractive for potential investors.