Epidemic will speed up digitalisation in the economy - dep PM

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Addressing the European Economic Congress on Monday, Polish Deputy PM and Development Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz said that the epidemic "will accelerate digitalisation in the economy, especially in such branches as services, trade and remote work."

Emilewicz stated that, in her opinion, business model plans would surely change and that supply chains would be become more diversified. She added that one could also expect an increase in the propensity to save.

According to her, the biggest current challenge for the government is to present Poland as the most attractive place to invest in the region. She believes that this may be helped by forecasts saying that we, as a country, will be going through the current crisis in a relatively mild manner.

She also said that during the crisis the state should play a "subsidiary, not a substitute" role during the crisis.

"The expectation that the state budget will take upon itself all the duties and risks of entrepreneurs is unjustified. In the long run, this could deprive us of everything that constituted the strength of the Polish economy, namely, the ability to have flexible responses to changes and the means to win attractive and big partners," the official concluded.