Epidemic will be conquered but rules must be observed - PM

Poland will conquer the COVID-19 epidemic but Poles must mobilise themselves to observe restrictions, PM Mateusz Morawiecki wrote in a Monday letter to the ongoing 2nd Polish Health Congress in Warsaw.

Morawiecki wrote that health was a common concern, and highlighted the importance of cooperation across society and between specialists in promoting health-oriented and responsible conduct.

"We are facing a pandemic. I believe we will get through it victoriously, but we must mobilise ourselves and observe restrictions," the PM wrote.

Morawiecki said that in face of the epidemic his government's main concerns were the safety of seniors, who are most threatened by the disease, access to treatment for COVId-19 patients, and protecting the economy from the effects of the epidemic. He added that the government was monitoring the epidemic situation closely and was ready to adjust its strategy to changing conditions on a daily basis.

Morawiecki also gave his assurance that attention was being paid to the treatment of other ailments, and said that such treatment will be financed from a special government medical fund.