EP calls on Poland to retract abortion ban

The European Parliament (EP) in a Thursday resolution called on Poland to change its abortion laws, which ban nearly all pregnancy terminations.

The resolution, among others, refers to the recent death of a 30-year-old Polish woman with a damaged and premature pregnancy, who died of septic shock after doctors refused to abort the foetus.

The resolution authors wrote that the reluctance of medical teams assisting the woman to carry out the abortion - which would have saved her life - resulted from restrictions imposed by current abortion laws.

In the resolution, passed in a 373 to 124 vote with 55 abstentions, the EP appeals to the Polish government to ensure that the abortion legislation causes no further deaths of Polish women.

They also wrote that Poland should guarantee access to safe, legal and charge-free abortion.

A ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal on October 22, last year, outlawed pregnancy terminations for foetal abnormalities, virtually the only type of abortion currently performed in the country. Abortions of pregnancies resulting from rape and those threatening the life of women are still formally legal.