EP additional seat goes to Polish ruling party MP - lower house speaker

Tarczyński assumed the post on February 1. Leszek Szymański/PAP

Polish Sejm (lower house) Speaker Elżbieta Witek has decided that a European Parliament (EP) mandate owed to Poland after Brexit will go to ruling Law and Justice's (PiS) MP Dominik Tarczyński, the Sejm Information Centre reported on Saturday.

The centre wrote that the decision had been taken in accordance with the law of April 4, 2019, regarding the appointment of an MEP for the 2019-2024 term of office, and in connection with Great Britain's departure from the EU. Tarczyński assumed the post on February 1. Poland will now have 52 MEPs.

Brexit has made it necessary to allocate 27 seats out of 73 left by British MEPs to 14 EU member countries. The biggest number of these mandates will go to France and Spain (five seats each). Germany already has the maximum number of EP seats, namely 96.

Italy and the Netherlands will have three more MEPs each. Ireland will receive two additional seats, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia and Romania - one each. The remaining 46 seats left by British MEPs will be left unoccupied until further EU enlargement.