Enough coal purchased to meet demand says ruling party official

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Poland has secured enough coal to meet the country’s needs, a senior member of the governing Law and Justice party said on Friday.

"Ships with coal have been arriving at Polish harbours where it is being reloaded and sent to various locations in Poland," Law and Justice (PiS) Secretary General Krzysztof Sobolewski said in an interview for PAP.

"Polish mines have also increased their production," Sobolewski added.

The supplies, he said, would mean that Poland will have an "appropriate" amount of coal.

Poland faces an energy shortfall owing to a boycott of Russian carbon fuels, and increased global competition for alternative sources of energy. Increasing coal production and imports are seen as way one of offsetting the shortfall.

Sobolewski also said that not long ago Poland had to reduce its coal production due to the EU's climate policy.

"And now, in the face of what has been going on beyond Poland's eastern border, it is obvious that these plans have rotated 180 degrees, not only in Poland but also in Germany and France, and that there is a return to fossil fuels, including coal, and coal-fired power stations," Sobolewski added.

In late July, Anna Moskwa, the Polish climate minister, said that State Treasury companies had signed contracts for more than 7 million tonnes of coal while over 3 million tonnes had already come to Poland. She said at the time that the coal was being imported from Colombia, Tanzania, the United States, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia.