Energy transformation costs must be fairly distributed - PM

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Poland should do everything to fairly distribute the costs of energy transformation, the Polish prime minister said on Friday.

"Clean environment, clean climate, beautiful rivers, clean air is our national goal. It can be said that it is a great social challenge, but also our goal that we will not deviate from," Mateusz Morawiecki said while opening the third day of an online Togetair climate summit.

Togetair is a nation-wide forum with the major goal of initiating and coordinating activities of all stakeholders for the environment and Polish climate policy.

Morawiecki stressed that there are many groups in Poland that cannot bear the cost of the energy transformation. "All our activities must lead to a fair distribution of transformation costs," he said.

"Groups with the lowest income, most dependent on the current energy model, must have a perspective of change and we strive for such a perspective," added the prime minister.

Morawiecki also said that funds negotiated for the energy transformation within the European Union must take into account the social factor.

According to him, Poland's climate goal should be electromobility and focus "on clean transport in cities, smaller towns, electric buses, but also electric cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen."

At the same time, the prime minister said that from the perspective of a large importer of crude oil and natural gas, this goal is extremely important for Poland in terms of costs.

"It is important that we switch to low-emission and zero-emission transport, to electric or hydrogen transport, also because we spend annually... from PLN 50 to even PLN 70 billion (EUR 11-15.4 billion) or more on energy sources,” said Morawiecki.