Employers lobby slams gov't economic plan

Poland's National Recovery Plan (KPO) is a collection of random investments in which state-owned enterprises are offered undue preferences, the Lewiatan Confederation has said.

The plan prepared by Mateusz Morawiecki government is a condition to access EU recovery funds and has to be submitted to the European Commission by the end of April.

It is geared towards supporting Poland's economy which has been strained by the coronavirus crisis.

However, Lewiatan says the KPO ignores EU Council recommendations on ensuring the independence of courts and proper public consultations in shaping the reform policy.

According to Lewiatan, in a number of areas, the reforms seem to be random or vague, and do not map out a vision for Poland's development.

The organisation also said the plan's milestones are perfunctory and offer no guarantee of real change. KPO investments are loosely connected with or disconnected from proposed reforms, the lobby went on to say.

Lewiatan criticised preference offered to state-owned companies, saying such undue advantages disturb competition and increase the risk of poor diversification of investments.

Under the EU recovery mechanism, Poland is to receive EUR 23.9 billion in non-returnable grants and EUR 34.2 billion in loans.