Electricity from coal-fired plants grows to 50.21 pct y/y in March

The production of electricity in Poland based on the burning of coal grew in March 2020 to 50.21 percent from 46.79 in March 2019, according to data from state owned transmission system operator PSE.

Power stations burning brown coal produced 20.71 percent of Poland's electricity in March against 24.45 percent in the corresponding month of 2019, PSE said. Gas-powered generators accounted for 9.22 percent of production against 7.27 percent a year earlier.

Wind-power produced 10.40 percent of the electricity production in the third month of 2020 compared to 12.42 a year ago, while industrial power stations (industrial units providing their own electricity) delivered 7.04 percent compared to 6.58 percent a year earlier.

Some 2.06 percent of electricity came from hydro-electric stations compared 2.23 percent in March 2019.

Renewable sources of energy accounted for 0.36 percent of all electricity production, against 0.27 percent a year ago.