EC to issue "in due time" Turow fine payment request for Poland

The European Commission will issue an "in due time" payment request, calling on Poland to pay a penalty imposed by the EU's top court for failing to suspend operations at the Turow lignite mine, a Commission spokesman said on Monday.

The Turow mine, which lies on the border with Germany and the Czech Republic, has been the subject of a complaint to the EU by the Czech Republic, which claims that plans to extend it threaten the environment and, especially, ground water on the Czech side of the border.

On September 21, Poland was ordered by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to pay a EUR 500,000 daily fine for its failure to halt the mine’s operations. Poland has yet to start paying the penalty.

According to the CJEU, the fine is to be paid until the date on which that member state complies with the provisions of a court order made on May 21, 2021, when Poland was told to shut down the mine.

Poland refused to shut down the mine because, according to the government, "this would deprive millions of households of electricity."

Poland has also requested the CJEU to revoke the decision.

On September 30 Poland and the Czech Republic failed to reach agreement over the disputed mine despite a series of meetings.