EC supports fence on EU border with Belarus

The spokesman for the European Commission (EC) has told PAP that a fence on the border with Belarus could be a “good idea”.

Christian Wigand was speaking just days after Poland announced plans to put up a fence on Poland's frontier with Belarus as a measure to curb growing numbers of illegal border crossings.

Wigand said the EC could not accept illegal migration into its territory from third countries, and stressed that the Commission "strongly rejects attempts to instrumentalise people for political ends."

He added that the EU needed "integrated solutions" to border control and said that fencing on the Polish-Belarusian border could be a "good idea".

But he also said that control measures on the border with Belarus had to be compliant with basic human rights requirements and EU asylum laws, and that the Commission was talking to the Polish authorities about this.

In recent weeks, Poland and Lithuania have been the target of illegal border crossings by Middle Eastern migrants from Belarusian territory.

Both countries have accused Belarus of masterminding the crossings on their frontiers in retaliation for their earlier support for EU sanctions on Belarus's Alexander Lukashenko regime.