EC confirms receiving Poland's answer about judges' disciplinary body

The European Commission has confirmed it has received a letter from Poland about the country's Disciplinary Chamber for judges, which has been at the centre of a dispute between Warsaw and Brussels.

According to a statement released by the Government Information Centre earlier on Tuesday, the Polish government said in the letter that it would dismantle the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court as part of wider judiciary reforms to be launched in the coming months. 

European Commission spokesman Christian Wigand told a press conference in Brussels that Poland’s letter had been received and that it was being analysed, but added that he couldn’t comment further.

The letter is an official Polish response to a European Commission demand that Poland complies with a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) calling for the suspension the Chamber, which it found incompatible with EU law. 

The deadline for the suspension was August 16.