EC allows Poland to launch cross-border e-prescription

Poland has been given permission by the European Commission to join the group of countries which can exchange cross-border electronic prescriptions.

Cross-border e-prescriptions allow EU citizens to obtain their medication in a pharmacy located in another EU country, thanks to the online transfer of their prescription from their country of residence where they are affiliated, to their country of travel.

"A few days ago, Poland, by the decision of the European Commission (EC), joined the elite group of countries where it will be possible to exchange cross-border e-prescriptions. Soon Poles will be able to buy their medicines abroad with an electronic document," the e-Health Centre told PAP on Wednesday.

The approval of the European Commission is the first step towards enabling Poles to complete their e-prescriptions in other EU countries (first in Finland, and soon also in Croatia), whereas EU residents (from Estonia, Croatia, Portugal and Finland) will be able to use this solution in Poland.

Once the e-Health Centre arranges details with other EU member states that will join the programme it will be also possible to launch the service in selected pharmacies in those countries.