EANA holds first ever online conference


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) held its first ever online conference, instead of its planned meeting in Kiev, EANA has reported.

The conference, which usually involves one full day of keynote and panel discussions, was transformed into a series of online meetings which ran over six weeks, starting September 17 and ending October 23, under the title "Coronavirus: Changes and Chances."

"News agencies are more than ever the blood vessels of the international information flow. The COVID 19 crisis has emphasised that role – but at the same time it has produced unprecedented challenges. The permanent knowledge exchange between the 32 members of EANA is even more important now," said Peter Kropsch, President of EANA and CEO of dpa.

Turning the usual one-day meeting into a series of online panel discussions proved to be beneficial for EANA and its members, and also for strengthening ties inside the EANA community.

Focusing on the effects of the pandemic on news agencies, the panels tackled topics ranging from crisis-driven product diversification to the (re)consideration of the role of news agencies in society over the past few months.

"News agencies have proven again that they have the ability to assume the role of the backbone for all of the media ecosystem. During these tough times, our members stepped up and evolved in a way which was best for their clients, their partners and societies as a whole, by providing trustworthy, accurate and verified information to all," said Alexandru Giboi, EANA Secretary General.

The Polish Press Agency PAP is an EANA member.