Dutch company selected to prepare master plan for transport hub

NACO Netherlands Airport Consultants, the leader of a Dutch consortium, has been selected to prepare the master plan for the Central Transportation Port (CPK), Poland's biggest infrastructure investment project.

"The value of the offer reached is about EUR 10 million, and was below the planned budget," CPK announced on LinkedIn CPK on Saturday.

Consisting primarily of a brand-new international airport, the CPK will also serve as a transit hub integrating air, rail and road traffic between Warsaw and the central city of Lodz. In its first phase, it should service 45 million passengers a year, but its capacity could eventually rise to 100 million.

The first flights from the CPK can be expected in 2027, and the airport should become fully operational by the end of that year.

The master plan is a key pre-design study, which will be a source of detailed technical data, including air traffic forecasts, the dimensioning of infrastructure elements and the preparation of construction stages.

A contract with NACO will be signed after all the formalities have been observed, including the entire appeal procedure, the CPK wrote in a statement.

The plan must be ready within 13 months after the signing of the contract.

NACO, which is part of the Royal HaskoningDHV capital group, has been engaged in projects at over 600 airports worldwide.