Duda, Trump issue declaration on defence cooperation, nuclear power

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Enhanced defence cooperation through development of plans to strengthen military ties and the start of a new chapter in energy cooperation through a partnership to develop nuclear energy are foreseen in a joint declaration between the Polish and US presidents.

The two presidents signed the declaration after talks at the White House on Wednesday.

The declaration stresses the many years of friendship and partnership between Poland and the United States based on common values and interests and confirms the commitment to such values as: democracy, the rule of law, liberty and individual freedom as well as free and fair bilateral trade.

The declaration states that the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of those values and the keen need for their protection and promotion and that Poland and the US, in agreement with other allies and like-minded partners, will work together to build their economies to be the strongest, most resilient and best integrated as well as protecting critical infrastructure and technology and diversifying the supply chain. The two parties also committed to join forces in the fight against disinformation, especially regarding historical facts concerning World War II.

The two presidents said their countries had helped each other during the pandemic, including through developing therapies and vaccines; they also noted the importance of "transparency," information exchange and the free and fair functioning of international organisations in preventing future pandemics.

The declaration stated that recognising the two countries' strategic partnership, Poland and the United States will continue to deepen defence cooperation, among other things by further implementation of the Joint Declarations of June 12, 2019, and September 23, 2019, as well as through the development of plans to strengthen military ties and US military capability and deterrence in Poland.

The parties confirmed their obligations to invest in defence capacity, to the fair sharing of burdens aimed at strengthening transatlantic security and cooperation within the framework of NATO and ensuring an effective deterrence and defence of NATO's eastern flank. Poland and the US committed to cooperate in the further modernisation of the Polish armed forces, including through the use of the most modern American equipment.

The two presidents said energy security was the same as national security and hence Poland and the United States would promote energy diversification, a free energy market and strengthened cooperation. They expressed particular satisfaction with partnership in terms of American deliveries to Poland of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the start of a new chapter in their energy cooperation through a partnership for the development of the Polish civilian atomic energy sector.

Mutual support for the Three Seas Initiative grouping the countries lying between the Adriatic, Baltic and Black seas was also mentioned along with "pride" at the earmarking of significant funds for implementing initiatives and a call for other countries to join.

Trump and Duda also emphasised the role of free and fair bilateral trade.

They expressed pride at the fact that since 2016 the exchange of trade between Poland and the United States has grown by over 50 percent and they committed to counteracting dishonest trade practices. They also said they would strive for an increased volume of trade and investment, especially in the field of new technology.

The document stated that both countries respect privacy and personal freedom and understand the importance of their telecommunications security. Therefore they renewed confirmation of the contents of the Joint Declaration of September 2019 and committed to cooperation in developing next-generation technological solutions and to exclusively using secure services of trusted suppliers, equipment and supply chains within the framework of their 5G networks.

Presidents Trump and Duda also declared cooperation in the promotion of innovative solutions to ensure a balanced supply chain of trusted sellers of 5G technology.