Duda, Trump announce nuclear energy deal

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Presidents Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump announced on Wednesday the signing of a deal on development of nuclear energy in Poland, which Duda said would be signed as soon as possible.

US President Donald Trump talked of the purchase of American technology.

At a press conference with Duda at the White House, Trump said they were working on a deal that would facilitate the development and building of a nuclear power plant in Poland, adding that it would work with the use of American technology bought from a large US company.

President Duda said the deal between the two countries' governments would be signed "in the nearest future" and claimed the deal would "enable design work to be undertaken, related to a big project introducing conventional nuclear energy for the production of electricity in our country."

The Polish president added that "the entities that will take part in this have already been selected, agreements are very far-reaching." Duda noted that negotiations have been conducted on the Polish side for a long time by Minister Piotr Naimski, the government commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure.

"Currently an appropriate international deal is being concluded which can be expected in the nearest future," he said.