Duda-Biden meeting possible during nearest NATO summit - aide

Mateusz Marek/PAP

The first meeting between the Polish president and the US president-elect may take place during a Nato summit planned for February, a presidential aide has told a national newspaper.

Although the summit is threatened by the pandemic, if it does go ahead Andrzej Duda may meet Joe Biden, Krzysztof Szczerski, told Rzeczpospolita.

"According to Szczerski, the first opportunity for (Duda-Biden) talks will be the Nato summit traditionally held after the election of a new US leader,” wrote the paper. “This time (the sides) want to combine it with Biden's participation in the annual security conference in Munich in February. However, it is highly probable that, due to the pandemic, the meeting at the Alliance's headquarters will be postponed by a few months."

So far "it is not known when Andrzej Duda will have the opportunity to speak (via phone) with Joe Biden," continued the paper, adding that there is little chance of a meeting on the side lines of the US presidential inauguration on January 20 in Washington.

"The Americans did not provide us with the details of the ceremony,” Szczerski told Rzeczpospolita. ”In the past, Poland and other countries were represented by ambassadors."

The daily added that multilateral meetings would offer the best occasion for a Duda-Biden meeting.