Dubai to encourage Polish firms to invest in tech market

Representatives of one of the most dynamically developing technological centres in the world - Dubai Internet City - are to travel to Poland to encourage IT sector companies to invest in their market, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) has announced.

Meetings will be held in Warsaw on September 24 and Kraków (southern Poland) on September 27.

PAIH stressed in a Friday press release that the IT sector is creating ever greater potential for bilateral cooperation. Last year, the Polish IT market was valued at USD 6.5 billion and grew 1.7 percent compared to the year before.

"Polish companies are significant players on the market of creating IT products and ICT services," PAIH Vice President Krzysztof Senger was quoted in the release as saying. "We have gained international renown as a reliable contractor for the e-commerce, financial services and health sectors. We are developing niche programmes for the space industry, as well as our own emerging quantum technology segment."

He added that Polish IT solutions are finding ever more customers in Asia. "On the Persian Gulf the road leads through Dubai Internet City (DIC) - the only such innovation hub in the Middle East," Senger observed.

The head of the PAIH trade office in Dubai, Moneer Faour, drew attention to the fact that the visit of DIC reps to Poland is taking place at a time when the economic exchange between Poland and the United Arab Emirates is growing. "The value of trade turnover has already exceeded USD 1 billion," he pointed out. "We have also recorded greater tourist traffic. In the last half-year there have been a total of 70,000 visits in both directions."

According to data cited in the PAIH release form the International Data Corporation, the national IT market in the UAE is worth almost USD 8 billion and in the years 2017-2022 it is seen increasing by 5 percent a year.

PAIH report that around 200 companies are interested in attending the meetings in Warsaw and Krakow. They are mostly Polish tech companies in the fields of cloud computing, the internet of things, blockchain, EduTech, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, ICT and modern media. They will be joined by representatives of technology parks and academic circles.