Drunk air passenger kicked off plane in Poznan

Michał Zieliński/PAP

A flight from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius to London was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Poznan after a drunken man physically and verbally abused fellow passengers.

Major Joanna Konieczniak, a spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard, said that around 23.00 on Sunday the security at Poznan-Lawica airport received information of a "very disruptive passenger whose behaviour called for a rapid intervention" on the UK-bound flight.

Officers from a Specialist Control Team escorted a 50-year-old Lithuanian citizen off the plane once it had landed.

The flight’s captain told officers that the passenger had refused to follow crew instructions, had violently abused other passengers, behaved inappropriately towards the flight attendants and consumed his own alcohol.

Tests showed that the 50-year-old had 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his system. The man was taken to a recovery room, and faces possible charges.