Draft budget approved by lower house of Polish parliament

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Poland’s budget deficit will reach PLN 29.9 billion (EUR 6.4 billion) next year, according to the government’s budget bill approved by the Sejm (lower house) on Friday.

The bill puts state revenues at nearly PLN 491.9 billion (EUR 106 billion) while expenditures are expected to reach PLN 521.8 billion (EUR 112.4 billion) next year.

After 10 months of this year, the Polish budget still managed to record a surplus of PLN 51.9 billion (EUR 11.2 billion).

The bill scraped through the Sejm, 230 votes to 222, while eight MPs abstained.

The government also had to rely on the vote of Lukasz Mejza, a deputy sports minister now caught up in a business scandal.

Mejza asked for a suspension of his ministerial and parliamentary duties "to fight for his good name, the truth and justice." His declaration followed allegations that a medical company he once owned sold questionable treatments to vulnerable people.

The budget bill will now be sent to the Senate.