Domestic air and rail connections to remain unchanged - minister

The Polish government will not implement any changes to domestic air and rail connections due to the coronavirus threat in Poland, government spokesman Piotr Muller said in an interview with the private radio broadcaster Radio Zet on Saturday.

Muller said that the government's crisis management team will hold a meeting on Saturday before noon, during which the matter of Poles returning home from abroad will be discussed.

When asked about rumours regarding the cancellation of domestic flights by LOT national carrier, Muller replied that the domestic air and rail connections will continue as normal.

He also added that there is no decision on any restrictions on domestic traffic thoroughout Poland, not including persons placed under quarantine.

When asked whether traffic routes between cities would be closed, he replied that "there is no need" to take such measures into account at the moment.

With regard to the restrictions on purchasing products in stores, the government spokesperson said they relate only to hygiene and medical products. "As for food products, there will be no such restrictions," Muller declared.

On Friday evening, the Polish government announced limitations of shopping malls, the closure of restaurants, cafes, bars and casinos, a ban on public gatherings over 50 people and a temporary entry ban on foreigners due to the new coronavirus threat.

Considering whether it would be better to open food stores on Sundays, Müller noted that on Sunday food stores run by persons having self-employment company, are open, except for large-format stores. Such shops are not included in the ban implemented by the government a year ago.

According to Muller, Poland has a very comfortable situation when it comes to food supplies, because the country is one of the largest food producers in Europe.