Doctors carry out ‘miracle’ surgery on boy born without eyes and nose

Surgeons begin the process of reconstructing the face of a boy who was born without eyes and a nose. Szpital im. J. Bogdanowicza

Warsaw surgeons took six hours to carry out the operation, the first stage in a process to reconstruct the boy’s face.

Surgeons in Warsaw have carried out ground-breaking surgery on a boy born without a nose and eyes.

In a medical first, the surgeons at the J. Bogdanowicz hospital in Warsaw, began the process of slowly reconstructing the nine-year-old’s face, which they hope will result in him having a nose and glass eyes.

The boy who hasn’t been named was born with a rare disease known as Arrhinia or nasal agenesis - a congenital disease which sees victims born with partial or complete lack of a nose.

The causes of the disease are unknown and there are only 30 reported cases worldwide.

Because there was no connection between his tear canals and nose, as the boy grew up, disturbances in the development of his face created permanent pus in his eye orbits.

The surgeons took six hours to carry out the ground-breaking operation after making a 3D model of the boy’s head.

The team led by Dr. Maciej Jagielak took six hours to complete the first stage of the operation
(Szpital im. J. Bogdanowicza)

Chief doctor, Piotr Pogorzelski, told The First News: “First, a 3D skull model was created, then the plates were perfectly matched to the part of the jaw that was to be cut off.

“Next, a special device was fitted which pulls the jaw forwards and downwards. This is supposed to last for approx. 6 weeks. In the following phase, handled by ophthalmologists, the tear canals will be reconstructed.

“This in turn will allow the next steps - the insertion of eyeball prostheses and recreation of the nose. By means of plastic surgery utilizing the patient’s own tissues or inserting a nose implant, the boy will have the chance of being able to breath normally and wear glasses.”

Dr. Pogorzelski was one of the five doctors who took part in the operation which was led by Dr. Maciej Jagielak, a specialist in maxillo-facial surgery.

During the next stages of the surgery the team will be supported by ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons.

The boy’s condition after the operation was described as satisfying and doctors say they are confident the treatment will be end result will be successful.