Distance between ruling and opposition parties shrinks in poll

The centrist Civic Coalition (KO), the main adversary of Poland's ruling United Right coalition, has closed the gap to seven percentage points, the latest Kantar poll has shown.

The United Right's support remained unchanged at 30 percent, but KO's backing increased by 3 percentage points to 23 percent from the previous poll, Kantar indicated on Friday.

Poland 2050, a new grassroots movement led by TV personality and Catholic writer Szymon Holownia, could count on 15 percent of the vote, a drop of 1 percentage point.

The other two parties that would pass the 5 percent parliamentary threshold are the Left on 5 percent and the far-fight Confederation also on 5 percent.

Kantar ran the poll on a sample of 969 adult Poles on July 9-14, 2021.