Disinformation still a topical issue says PAP president

Zofia Bichniewicz/PAP

Disinformation is still a topical issue, we are constantly confronted with new ways of spreading Russian propaganda, Wojciech Surmacz, the head of the Polish Press Agency (PAP), said on Thursday.

Addressing a conference entitled, "Disinformation of Tomorrow. The Future of the Information War," Surmacz said Russia has been spreading disinformation successfully and very professionally for the past century.

He added that Poles were well aware of how Russian propaganda worked, but the rest of the world "completely failed to comprehend it."

Surmacz went on to say that "practically every day we're dealing with new measures that actively implement Russian disinformation not only in Poland, but around the world."

In this context, Surmacz mentioned PAP's photo-album devoted to Russia's on-going war on Ukraine and Poland's support of Ukraine in the conflict, also against Russian disinformation, which resulted in "many letters of thanks."