Deputy PM says LNG contracts, new projects make Poland more independent

Darek Delmanowicz /PAP

The Polish State Assets Minister has stated that LNG contracts signed by oil and gas PGNiG company with the US and other natural gas projects let Poland be more optimistic about the future and more independent of Russian gas deliveries.

Jacek Sasin made the statement on Thursday during the signing of two annexes to an LNG delivery contract signed by PGNiG with the US Venture Global company, under which Poland will receive more gas from the US.

According to signed annexes, LNG deliveries from the US would be increased by 2 million tonnes annually for 20 years. The two documents were signed with Venture Global Plaquemines LNG and Venture Global Calcasieu Pass.

"After the end of our contract with Russia's Gazprom in 2022 over 9 billion cubic metres of gas imported to Poland will come from the US," Sasin said, adding that Venture Global deliveries would satisfy one-third of Poland's needs.

The official also declared that Poland's aim was to have 100 percent of its gas deliveries coming from other sources than Russia.

PGNiG CEO Pawel Majewski stated that the annexes "have given his company unique trade opportunities since the company would be able to resell gas worldwide." He added that PGNiG would charter four gas tankers to be able to deliver LNG to any place in the world.

He also said that the development of LNG export terminals was progressing well and that they would likely be completed in 2023.