December's M3 money supply up - central bank

Paweł Pawłowski/PAP

Poland’s M3 money supply grew in December 2020 by 16.4 percent year on year and by 1.8 percent month on month to PLN 1.82 trillion (EUR 400 billion), the National Bank of Poland (NBP) announced on Tuesday.

Household deposits grew by 2.5 percent m/m to PLN 977.05 billion (EUR 214.91 billion).

Corporate deposits fell by 0.6 percent m/m to PLN 376.43 billion (EUR 82.79 billion).

Loans in the household sector grew by 0.4 percent to PLN 789.01 billion (EUR 173.52 billion) while loans in the corporate sector dropped by 2.5 percent m/m to PLN 367.13 billion (EUR 80.72 billion).