Debt of Poles grows to EUR 10.6 bln - report

Poles' debts are growing and total almost PLN 47.8 billion (EUR 10.6 bln), up from PLN 44.8 billion (EUR 9.9 bln) at the end of the previous year, a recent report by the National Debt Register (KRD) said.

KRD experts, who juxtaposed the data with the number of people living in individual regions, calculated that the average inhabitant of Mazowieckie province, central Poland, is most in debt - PLN 22,212 (EUR 4,929).

"Next on the list are the inhabitants of Malopolskie province, southern Poland, with the average debt standing at PLN 20,111 (EUR 4,463) and people living in the Lubelskie province (eastern Poland) - PLN 19,930 (EUR 4,423)," the report said.

According to Adam Lecki from KRD, an average consumer needs three or four months to pay off debt. He said that no one is able to allocate their entire salary to cover debt, therefore the total repayment of arrears usually takes several years.