Dead fish discovered in stretch of Odra near Szczecin

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Dead fish have been seen in the River Odra near the northern city of Szczecin, a provincial official has announced.

The Odra, Poland's second longest river, has been polluted by a still unidentified toxin that has killed thousands of fish in one of Poland's worst environmental disasters in recent years.

So far, most of the dead fish have been found in southern stretches of the river.

"We can see that the first dead fish have reached the southern parts of the Szczecin canals, so this indicates that we are actually dealing with a flow of polluted water that is headed towards the city… but the effects are comparably smaller than those south of the province," said Zbigniew Bogucki, the governor of the Zachodniopomorskie province, on Tuesday.

He added that according to the State Fisheries Agency, 90 percent of those fish had been "dead for quite a while and to a large extent in a decomposed state," while only 10 percent of the fish had recently died, which suggests that "the problem is diminishing."