Czechs, Slovaks, Italians, most-liked by Poles

Czechs, Italians, Slovaks, Americans and Hungarians are the Poles most-liked nationalities, a CBOS poll has revealed.

At the other end of the spectrum come Arabs and Roma, who, it appears, are not well regarded by Poles.

CBOS asked respondents about their attitudes towards 22 nationalities and ethnic groups, to see which were liked and which disliked.

The research showed that the most liked nationalities are Czechs (63 percent of pollees expressed a preference), Italians (62 percent), Slovaks (61 percent), Americans (60 percent) and Hungarians (60 percent).

Arabs and the Roma got the thumbs down in the poll, with only 26 and 24 percent respectively liking them while 42 percent and 46 percent disliked them.

CBOS noted a big increase in 2021 in attitudes to nearly all nationalities tested for in the poll. Compared with last year, the biggest increases in positive attitudes were enjoyed by Belarusians (up by 16 percentage points), the French, Hungarians and Lithuanians (up by 12 points), Italians (up 11 points), Czechs and Americans (up by 10 points).

The poll was conducted in a “mixed mode” procedure on a representative national sample of 1,179 adults in Poland between February 1 and 11, 2021.