Czech Republic sues Poland over coal mine development - CJEU

The Czech Republic has filed a lawsuit at the European Court of Justice against Poland for the planned expansion of the Turow lignite mine, Ireneusz Kolowca from the CJEU's press office has tweeted.

The Czech side claims that the Polish Turow mine located near the Czech border has a negative environmental impact on the border regions, including the lowering of groundwater levels. In 2020, Polish authorities extended the license for lignite mining in Turow for another six years.

In a press release on February 26, the Czech Ministry of Environment said that the Czech Republic had asked the CJEU to consider the impact of coal mining on residents of the border areas in an accelerated procedure and demanded that mining operations be halted until the Court issues its decision.

The Czech Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec said then that the lawsuit was necessary to protect Czech citizens, because Poland did not meet Prague’s demands.

He added that talks with Poland would continue, but the Czech Republic is treating the current extraction in Turow as illegal.

The Turow mine and power plant are owned by PGE Gornictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna, part of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna (the biggest Polish energy company, PGE). The Turow power plant supplies electricity to some 3 million households.