Cycling through Siberia

On the road again. Romanovski takes on Siberia’s freezing roads. Valerjan Romanovski/Facebook

A Warsaw-based cyclist has just completed a 400-kilometre journey in four days through the wilds of Siberia despite temperatures as low as -60°C.

In this episode of The Debrief we speak to TFN staff writer Joanna Jasińska, who recounts the story of Valerjan Romanovski who has pushed the limits of human endurance by riding his bike through one of the most unwelcoming places on Earth.

To get ready for the endeavour, Romanovski and his colleague Piotr Marczewski took a plunge into water despite it being -50°C. Given his slower pace, the first to depart was Marczewski who was pulling a sledge containing all his equipment.

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