Culture ministry submits motion to enter Gdańsk Shipyard on UNESCO list

The government's activities regarding the shipyard are supported by the local government of Gdańsk. Dominik Kulaszewicz/PAP

The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage told PAP that it submitted a motion in Paris on Friday to include the Gdańsk Shipyard, located in the northern Poland, on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"The shipyard is a place of exceptional value not only for Poland, but also for the whole of Europe, which is why it is so important to preserve it for future generations. It is an invaluable testimony to the past, but also an area located in the heart of a modern city. We would like to combine these two aspects and create a 'smart city,' i.e. a friendly place to live, work, rest, a city alive with culture," Deputy Culture Minister Magdalena Gawin said.

The government's activities in this area are supported by the local government of Gdańsk. "As a local government, we have conducted talks with the conservation services, public institutions and investors for a long time on how to preserve this unique Gdańsk heritage, and at the same time to create a district that will fit in the contemporary urban character of the city," said Gdańsk Deputy Mayor Alan Aleksandrowicz.

The Culture Ministry also wrote that, "the Gdańsk Shipyard became witness to the events which were a milestone in the history of the world, leading to the unification of a democratic Europe. The Gdańsk Shipyard, the birth place of the Solidarność trade union and a symbol of the fall of the iron curtain in Europe, is for many reasons a place of huge importance to world history and the common heritage of humanity."