Cuban citizens amongst those trying to cross Polish-Belarusian border

On the Belarusian-Polish border there are Cuban citizens, together with other immigrants from Middle East and Africa, attempting to enter European Union territory by crossing from Belarus into Poland, claims the independent Cuban portal 14ymedio.

Cuban journalists have told the US radio station NPR that although most of their compatriots try to get to EU countries mainly through Spain, some have chosen the backbreaking path of using the incentives of Alexander Lukashenko's regime to cross the border with Poland, Lithuania or Latvia in order to gain access to Western Europe.

14ymedio claims, citing people on the Belarusian-Polish border, that some Asian immigrants had paid smugglers around EUR 16,000 to get their families there.

One of the Cuban nationals quoted on the website, who was temporarily detained on the Polish side for illegally crossing the border, claims that he was severely beaten by Belarusian soldiers with metal truncheons.

According to the website, illegal immigrants left Cuba at the end of September using the so-called Russian trail. According to 14ymedio, they were supposed to come to Belarus from Moscow with a help of a man who was waiting for them in the Russian capital.