Gdynia's Crist shipyard starts building polar passenger ship

The Crist shipyard in Gdynia (northern Poland) has started building a polar passenger ship with an innovative X-Bow hull for a Norwegian ship owner.

The vessel will be almost 125 m long and is planned to be one of the most innovative passenger ships in the world. 

The Crist shipyard announced in a press release that the first steel was cut for the ship on Friday, initiating its construction. The shipyard said the ship's design features an innovative inverted bow, patented under the name X-Bow by Norway's Ulstein Design, and that the vessel would be "one of the most innovative passenger ships in the world." The almost 125-metre-long craft will have a width of nearly 20 metres and will be able to sail in difficult polar environments offering "luxury conditions" to up to 100 passengers.

The shipyard's Tomasz Wrzask told PAP the ship would also be capable of conducting scientific expeditions with facilities on board for 20 scientists to perform research on polar topics. The ship will also "reach places that other ships cannot reach."

The ship will be built in parts and transferred to the Ulstein shipyard in Norway in 2019 where "final finishing work" will be done. It will be ready for use in 2020. 

The Crist shipyard is one of the biggest in Poland. It was created in 1990 and has since built over 360 vessels of various sizes. In 2010, it bought the former Gdynia Shipyard's dry dock.