Credibility is PAP's main asset - PAP president

Credibility has been and remains the Polish Press Agency's (PAP) main asset, Wojciech Surmacz, the agency's president, said on Thursday at a Warsaw gala marking its centenary. He also thanked the agency's employees for their contribution to PAP's success.

Senate (upper house) speaker Stanisław Karczewski wrote in a letter to Surmacz for the occasion that the Polish Press Agency remained the best school of journalism in Poland and emphasised its high standard of journalism.

"The Polish Press Agency continues the tradition of the Polish Telegraphic Agency, and together with our country is celebrating today its 100th anniversary. After regaining independence, our country needed its own news agency in order to be able to function on the domestic and international media market. The Polish Telegraphic Agency was created to inform the Polish public about domestic events, but also to relay news about what was happening in Poland abroad, and to present it from the point of view of our country's priorities," Karczewski wrote.

The Senate Speaker noted that "the news agency was created to break the monopoly of information-rich countries, to influence the shaping of views of world public opinion." According to Karczewski, the Polish Telegraphic Agency fulfilled this task. "It has effectively competed with the world's largest news agencies and contributes to the rebuilding of Polish statehood," he wrote.

The Deputy Minister of Culture, Paweł Lewandowski, said at Thursday's ceremony that "the foundation of democracy is based on reliable content". In the minister's opinion, "it is credible information in the post-truth era that should be provided to all citizens and our neighbours so that everyone in the world could know what is happening in Poland".

PAP Management Board member Łukasz Świerżewski pointed out the public interest mission, modernity and development among the principles on which PAP should be guided by in the next 100 years "A modern news agency stands for opinions, facts and information," he argued.

During the gala, awards were presented to the most distinguished employees of PAP - Stanisław Karnacewicz, a long-standing journalist writing about the church, Maciej Danielewicz, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of PAP biznes, and, posthumously, Piotr Aleksandrowicz, who in 1981 was employed as a reporter. The special prize of PKN Orlen was given to Małgorzata Dragan, who writes on topics related to energy.

In 2018, the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence is being celebrated. On this occasion, PAP has prepared a special album showing the last hundred years of Polish history in over 150 photographs. The website was also launched.

The jubilee is accompanied by a special photo exhibition that tells the history of Poland. It can be viewed until November 27 at Art Walk Gallery , on 1 Europejski Square in Warsaw.