Covid-19 kills 222 Polish doctors, 167 nurses says health ministry

Andrzej Lange/PAP

The coronavirus epidemic has led to the deaths of 222 Polish doctors and 167 nurses, the Health Ministry's data show.

From the start of the epidemic in the spring of 2020, 25,248 Polish doctors, 64,837 nurses, 10,394 physiotherapists, 6,586 midwives, 3,396 pharmacists, 3,179 paramedics, 2,986 dentists and 2,294 lab technicians were infected with Covid-19.

Along with the hundreds of doctors and nurses, the disease has also killed 21 midwives, 48 dentists, 18 pharmacists, six paramedics, five lab technicians and four physiotherapists.

As of Wednesday morning, the coronavirus has infected 2,859,261 Poles of whom 72,250 have died.