Covid-19 infection rate expected to rise significantly this week

Albert Zawada/PAP

Daily Covid infection numbers will exceed 50,000 this week, the health minister warned.

Adam Niedzielski issued the warning on Monday as Poland prepared to tackle the Omicron-driven fifth pandemic wave.

"Unfortunately, the scenarios that are taking place mean that this week we will definitely exceed 50,000 infections (per day - PAP)," said Niedzielski. "At this point, we are seeing a very dynamic increase in doctor's referrals. It is absolutely unheard of, what has been happening over the last week and what we are observing today, the number of referrals is rising by the day."

On Monday, the Ministry of Health announced that 29,100 new cases of coronavirus infections were found in Poland over the last 24 hours. The number of new infections is 178.6 percent higher than last week. The 7-day average of new infections increased to 31,970, the highest figure since the start of the pandemic.