Covid-19 claims lives of 231 doctors, 188 nurses in Poland

Leszek Szymański/PAP/EPA

As many as 231 doctors and 188 nurses have died due to Covid since the start of the pandemic, according to Polish Ministry of Health data sent to PAP.

Coronavirus has also contributed to the deaths of 50 dentists, 22 midwives, 19 pharmacists, six physiotherapists, six paramedics and five laboratory diagnosticians, the data show.

Among the 2,881,948 confirmed cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic began in Poland, there have been 29,506 cases of the disease in doctors, 72,593 in nurses and 11,100 in physiotherapists.

Coronavirus infection has also been detected in 7,212 midwives, 3,637 paramedics, 3,634 pharmacists, 3,286 dentists and 2,549 laboratory diagnosticians.