Coronavirus “Patient Zero” leaves hospital

Mieczysław Opałka (66), the first patient to be diagnosed with the coronavirus in Poland, was discharged on Friday from the University Hospital in Zielona Góora, western Poland.

Opałka had been a patient at the University Hospital in Zielona Góra since the beginning of March.

Upon leaving the hospital, 66 year old Opałka told journalists that "now I would just like some peace. I would like to thank the entire personnel (...) I am a completely healthy person." He added that the samples taken from him had helped doctors in the further study of the coronavirus.

At the beginning of March, Opałka had returned to Poland from the Westphalia region of Germany, where he had taken part in Carnival celebrations. He returned to the country by bus, which meant that the health services had to trace all passengers travelling with him at that time.