Coronavirus infections to reach peak in May or June - Polish PM

Addressing the Polish Sejm (lower house), the prime minister said that the government "has been doing everything to prevent the spread of the virus." Wojciech Olkuśnik/PAP

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Monday that the number of coronavirus infections in Poland will reach its peak in May or June, and stated that discipline was what mattered most at this current stage of the coronavirus epidemic.

Addressing the Polish Sejm (lower house), the prime minister said that the government "has been doing everything to prevent the spread of the virus." "The situation in Western Europe arouses much concern. We are aware of the growing number of new infections there and of their growth rate," he added.

Referring to discipline, PM Morawiecki stated that we needed a huge effort, restrictions and self-distancing, and that we must obey many procedures. "We are still at the start of our struggle against coronavirus," he said.

According to the prime minister, tough discipline will make it possible for Poland to better cope with the coronavirus pandemic than many other countries.

"We expect that the peak of infections is still ahead of us. We want to limit the number of infections by that time, and especially to flatten their curve," Morawiecki stated.

The PM stated that personal protective gear was of utmost importance and admitted that there was still a shortage in Poland, but declared that everything was being done to buy protective materials from all around the world and to launch domestic production.

The prime minister announced that nearly 3 million gloves and a half-million litres of disinfectant had already been distributed among Polish hospitals, and that more were in stock for the coming weeks.

"We have been ordering more masks, protective clothing, goggles and respirators," he went on to say. He added that 165 respirators out of the 1,000 ordered had already reached Poland and that there was enough protective gear for the coming weeks.

"As you can see, we have been trying to cope with the future course of events. That is why new isolation wards are being prepared and why 20 special isolation hospitals have already opened in Poland," he explained.

The prime minister declared that Poland "has been conducting 6,000-7,000 tests a day and that their number will grow to 8,000-9,000 in several days."

He added that Poland had already ordered 800,000 coronavirus tests. "A total of 150,000 are accessible in Poland, another 150,000 are on their way and will reach Poland in several days," he stated.

The prime minister also told the Sejm that Poland had sent a military rescue mission to Italy, and that there were plans to send similar missions to other countries. "Such missions help Poland acquire experience in the fight against the virus," he underlined.

The prime minister also said that, at the same time, Poland was creating new mechanisms of financing the economy and health protection in order to bring back economic, social and public life to "a new normal state," as soon as possible.

He added that he was referring to a "new normalcy," because the world was rather unlikely to return to the state from several months ago. At the same time, he stated that now the point was to seek "a new equilibrium," to try to work and live and ensure the best possible health service for all those who have fallen ill during the epidemic.