Coronavirus Diary #8

Coronavirus Diary #8

In this episode of the Coronavirus Diary I'm in the garden, and I'm wondering whether all these stats the govenrment are giving us really hold up...

Hi there, it's John at The Debrief HQ. In this episode of the Coronavirus Diary I'm in the garden, where you'll hear children, footsteps, dogs, and other urban noises to at least give you an air of being outside!

The latest stats as of Friday 24 April are 10759 cases of Covid-19 and 463 fatalities. I look at these figures every time I record one of these episodes and I’m really beginning to wonder whether these numbers are really accurate...

Life in lockdown still has its ups and downs: one day you feel great, the next day you’re climbing up the walls. How are you coping? It’s a hard time for all of us to get through, but let’s get through it together!

If you want to get in touch please write to me at and if you have Whatsapp, why not leave me a voice message (which you agree to being used on air, of course!) at +48 504 202 352.

Stay updated by checking out the Coronavirus updates on TFN, and there’s also a lot happening on Facebook. It’s doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom.

Stay safe! 

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