Coronavirus crisis may be a turning point in EU history - Polish PM

Marcin Obara/PAP

The current crisis is a major turning point in the history of the EU and a real stimulus for economic growth is needed, such as the Recovery Fund corresponding to real economic problems of member states, PM Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on social media on Friday.

The Polish prime minister posted on Facebook a fragment of his Wednesday-published article on the Euractiv website in which he said that "Poland, the European Union and the world continue to struggle against the coronavirus pandemic, even though its impact is now under control in many places."

In Morawiecki's opinion, investments are to be the lever of economic development. The European Commission’s proposal, consisting in the creation of a EUR 750 billion recovery fund, provides a good starting point for achieving this goal but must not replace the cohesion policy or the EU’s common agricultural policy, according to Morawiecki.

"By saving Europe’s economy, we must not disturb its foundations," he added and recalled words from 70 years ago of one of the founding fathers of the EU, Robert Schuman, who announcing the plan that was the beginning of European integration, said that "Europe will not be created right away, not according to one plan. It will be built on concrete achievements that will first create de facto solidarity”.

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