Cops seize over 300 weapons in massive gun gang raid

Over 300 weapons were seized in a series of raids involving over 100 police. CBŚP

The Central Investigation Bureau (CBŚP) has seized 300 firearms, grenades, detonators and 3,000 rounds of ammunition in a series of raids across the country.

Seven people were also arrested during the operation that involved over 100 police in eight provinces.


Police discovered and secured 183 small firearms.CBŚP

CBŚP spokeswoman Iwona Jurkiewicz said: "It is a huge blow against the illegal gun trade.

“The CBŚP officers searched close to 30 facilities and arrested seven suspects.



Included in the haul were machine guns and over 100 long-barreled firearms.CBŚP

"Some of the guns were hidden in special caches.

"Police discovered and secured 183 small firearms, 103 long-barrel firearms, 73 pieces of essential elements for firearms (e.g. barrels, locks), as well as approx. 3,000 pieces of ammunition, two combat grenades, an artillery shell and 200 detonators for explosives.


CBŚP spokeswoman Iwona Jurkiewicz said the police raids dealt “a huge blow against the illegal gun trade.”CBŚP

She added that further arrests ‘have not been ruled out’.

The prosecutor's office said: "The crimes that the suspects have been charged with carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison."