Copernicus Science Centre 10 years old today

The stunning building was designed by architects from the RAr-2 firm in Ruda Śląska, after they won an architectural competition. Kalbar/TFN

The Warsaw-based science centre located on the banks of Vistula attracts both geeks and regular visitors with its interactive exhibitions, which delve into how different aspects of our universe work.

Poland’s premier science museum, the Copernicus Science Centre, is 10 years old today.Kalbar/TFN

“We do not give up celebrating together. This jubilee is a celebration of science, which is a source of inspiration, knowledge and fun. We invite you to the birthday weekend. If it is possible, we will see you at the Copernicus Science Centre, if everyday life in 2020 will not allow us to do so, we will meet online,” Wiktor Gajewski, Museum Director said.cnkopernik/Instagram

The museum has many sections including a Thinkatorium, robot theatre, Bzzz aimed at younger visitors with the aim of stimulating experimentation.Kalbar/TFN

The museum has already hosted over 10 million visitors and is a popular attraction with tourists, school visits and for curious minds.Kalbar/TFN

The Planetarium has its own show room where movies aimed at different age groups will play throughout the year. There is also a possibility to observe the stars from the grounds of the science centre.Kalbar/TFN

The exhibition on human bodies allows visitors to be an active part of the learning experience.Kalbar/TFN

The museum is situated on the bank of the famous Wisła river with the university library just around the corner and the Old Town a short walk away.Centrum Nauki Kopernik/Facebook

Activities are designed to engage all visitors and it is something that the whole family can enjoy.Kalbar/TFN

There are exhibits that will challenge your perceptions and what you think you knew to be true.Kalbar/TFN

The robot theatre offers a glimpse into the future, showing how dexterous modern machines can be while captivating the spectators.Kalbar/TFN

Currently the museum is hosting a bicycle and wheel exhibition, this bike showed what would be needed for square wheels to work.Kalbar/TFN

Like most public attractions the centre has been affected by the COVID virus but they have adapted and opened up to greater access online.Kalbar/TFN

In 2015 the Copernicus Science Centre gained accreditation to become a research and development institution.Kalbar/TFN

The museum is an opportunity for a fun day out but also a gateway for curious minds to discover paths the wish to explore further, creating the next generation of scientists.Kalbar/TFN