COP24 great step for environmental protection - PM

The Saturday-ended COP24 climate summit in Katowice, southern Poland, is a great step forward for environmental protection, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in a Monday interview for PAP.

Morawiecki added that one of the summit's more important aspects was that it gave Poland an opportunity to show its own undertakings to reduce environmental pollution.

Commenting on the summit's Katowice Package, a set of regulations implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement on greenhouse emission mitigation, Morawiecki called the Package "a great step forward for environmental protection," and said that negotiating the document was hard, because agreement had to be reached on the methods by which the Paris Agreement was to be implemented. Calling the summit a "success," Morawiecki observed that the talks also showed that Poland is one of the leaders in CO2 reduction.

Morawiecki pointed out that the Katowice Package was an ambitious project which had the support of all the COP24 participants and was acceptable both to developed and developing countries. He praised the Package's declarations of financial aid for poorer economies, calling this "a major concession on the part of the developed countries."

Morawiecki observed that the summit had also brought "essential progress" in spheres of importance to the wealthier countries, especially regarding emission reduction and the introduction of an internationally unified reduction system. In effect, Morawiecki said, the world will now "play by the same rules," with developing economies granted transition time owing to their limited capabilities.

Morawiecki thanked Polish President Andrzej Duda and his ministers for their contributions to the summit's success, and highlighted that diplomacy was a "team game."

Asked what he considered most important at the summit, Morawiecki named the passage of a Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration, which assumes the pursuit of climate goals without encumbering economic growth and jobs and leaves the choice of climate protection means to individual countries. He also mentioned an electric mobility act.

"The sides had the will to achieve an understanding," Morawiecki said, adding that the meeting's success was to a large degree owed to its Polish hosts.