Constitutional Tribunal head defends organisation

The head of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal has defended the institution by attacking the use of language she feels derides the credibility of the tribunal.

The Constitutional Tribunal has come under fire recently following a government overhaul of the judicial system that critics argue has undermined the tribunal’s independence and made it vulnerable to malign influence.

Speaking after a general assembly of the Constitutional Tribunal, Julia Przylebska called for an end to the public use of the expression "Constitutional Tribunal of Julia Przylebska".

"The Constitutional Tribunal is a constitutional body whose name and activity are determined by the provisions of Articles 188 to 197 of the Polish Constitution, and I am its president," Przylebska said.

She went on to claim that the selection of the tribunal’s president was made in accordance with the law.

Przylebska said "the Tribunal is a pro-civil institution, an institution whose purpose is to deal with citizens' affairs when the law is not properly shaped in relation to their rights and freedoms."