Computer Museum in Katowice to cooperate with British Computing Museum

Established over six years ago, the Museum of Computer and Information Technology in Katowice, southern Poland, plans to cooperate with the prestigious National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park, located close to London.

Zbigniew Rudnicki from the Katowice computer museum said that the meeting with people from Great Britain is a first attempt at instigating cooperation between the two unique institutions, which on a daily basis remind people of the the creativity of IT technicians and engineers from Poland and around the world.

The delegation of over 20 benefactors including management representatives, employees and volunteers from the National Museum of Computing will visit Katowice on March 7-10. Apart from the meetings and discussions on joint projects, the British delegation is to visit among others the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum at the site of the former German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp. They will also visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine near Kraków (southern Poland).

The National Museum of Computing, located at Bletchley Park, is an independent charity housing the world's largest collection of functional historic computers, including the original Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, and the WITCH, the world's oldest working digital computer.

The main purpose of the British delegation's visit is to instigate a collaboration with the Katowice museum, whose collection is regarded as one of the biggest in Europe. The institution presents an interactive exhibition enabling visitors not only to see the exhibits but also to have a hands-on experience with the items on display.