Completion of Nord Stream 2 poses a threat to NATO's eastern flank - FM

Poland's minister of foreign affairs, in an article published in the German press, wrote that the completion of the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) gas pipeline will create a huge security deficit for the whole of the eastern flank of NATO.

The article "Putin wants to lure Germany into a trap", published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine daily, was a response to what the President of Russia Vladimir Putin wrote in Germany's Die Zeit daily.

According to Zbigniew Rau "the completion of Nord Stream 2 will create a great security deficit for the entire eastern flank of NATO".

Nord Stream 2 is a controversial Russia-Germany gas pipeline which bypasses Ukraine and endangers, according to its critics, energy security in Eastern Europe. It consists of two lines and is almost fully completed.

Countries opposed to the pipeline stress that the completion of the project would increase Europe's dependence on gas imports from Russia and expand the Kremlin's political influence over European policy. The project is supported by Germany, Austria and several other EU countries.

In his article Rau wrote that Germany "should reject Putin's proposal and favour the European model of freedom, overcoming antagonisms not through the behind-the-scenes agreements of the concert of powers, but by supporting an order based on international law and the democratic principle of respect for the sovereign equality of all states, in line with the slogan 'free with free, equal with equal'".

"The launch of the NS2 gas pipeline will be a moment of trial for Germany and a choice between these two models. Putin has set an imperial trap for Germany, in which some of the German elite bought shares. One of my predecessors in the office of the Polish minister of foreign affairs once said in Berlin that he fears German passivity more than its strength. Today I am afraid of the German lack of responsibility for the consequences of their cooperation with Putin's Russia," added Rau.